Why Logos Should Cost More Than $300


by Niki

Logo Works Rip Off designs

I recently received an email from someone asking me for a quote on a logo/illustration. Now In this persons defense - they are not a designer and probably didn’t know any better. Said person mentioned that they were also looking at the service of LogoWorks. And this made me curious so I did a Google search…

Now I must warn you…i’m going to go off for a bit…

Logoworks seems to be a bargain basement design shop aimed at geting small businesses up and running FAST. All their logo packages are less than $700. They promise a 3 day turn around and unlimited revisions on most logo packages.

They also offer 10 reasons why you should hire them. I’ll just interject some of my recently gained knowledge between the bullet points :)

Original, custom logos you can afford, with no hidden fees. See our packages.

…Well original logos you say? Wow…just google logoworks rip off and you will find dozens of direct and obvious rip offs of other logos. Here are just a few examples (originals on the top…rips on the bottom).

Logo Works Rip Off designs

Check out the rest of the Logoworks rip offs here

A fast, convenient, and proven design process.

Logo works promises a 3 day turnaround. I’m sorry, but if a logo can be designed in 3 days then the designer is not utilizing the design process. I usually follow a 3 step process: 1 Research ,2 Designing ,3 Refining. Each phase usually takes about 10-15 hours. No way these designers go through all that in 3 days. One evident solution to this 3 day turnaround must be that they STEAL other designers designs!!! hmmm…

Professional logo designers in-house and freelance.

Another point i’d like to refute. If they offer logo packages for $300, how can they afford to pay professional designers? hm….

Over 45,000 satisfied customers - 98% would recommend Logoworks to a friend.

…what about those customers who found out their logo is a rip off of a trademarked logo? hmm…

Unlimited revisions for all but one of our packages.

Again this is against the way most logo designers work. You usually get limited number of revisions. Anything other than that you usually pay extra for. How can they afford to pay ‘professional’ designers and offer unlimited revisions.

So lets get back to the title of this blog post…Why Logos Should Cost More Than $300

Well…to put this very frankly: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Great design takes time, research, hard work, discipline, experience, talent, and great communication with the client. When you take shortcuts (especially in price) you sacrifice these things and in turn sacrifice the quality of the logo. I understand that clients are usually looking for a good deal, but really cheap design is not it! (cheap design often ends up like this)

For further and probably more eloquent reading check out Jacob Cass’s article “Why logo design does not cost 5 dollars”. The logos below cost way more than $5 :)


Easily Convert Bitmap Images To Clean Vector Art




20 Useful Typography Tools


Typography is a crucial component of a design. When used effectively, it sets the mood and solicits emotion about the design. Working with typography can be challenging, but fortunately, there is a plethora of free tools on the web that can help you work with type.

In this article, you’ll find 20 tools for working with typography. You’ll find an assortment of tools that’ll help you with testing, identifying, sizing, and even making, fonts.

1. Typetester

Typetester - screen shot.

Typetester allows you to compare various fonts and styles on one page. You can try out different looks for your sample text by changing its styles and attributes.

2. FontStructor

FontStructor - screen shot.

FontStructor is a free, web-based tool for creating your own fonts. It has an intuitive interface so don’t expect a high learning curve.

3. Font Tester

Font Tester - screen shot.

Font Tester is a free web-based tool for comparing different fonts. It shows you various fonts that you’ve selected side-by-side with their respective CSS style rules.

4. Typechart

Typechart - screen shot.

Typechart lets you quickly evaluate an assortment of web typography. Once you’ve discovered the font you like, you can use the Get CSS button to obtain the style rules for it.

5. OpenType Font Tester

OpenType Font Tester - screen shot.

OpentType Font Tester is a web-based tool that allows you to test over 20 OpenType fonts.

6. CSS-Typoset Matrix

CSS-Typoset Matrix - screen shot.

CSS-Typoset Matrix is a matrix that displays font sizes, line-heights, and margins (in pixel and em units) for various base font sizes. It also outputs the CSS code for you based on your inputs.

7. CSS Type Set

CSS Type Set - screen shot.

CSS Type Set lets you experiment with different styles and attributes (such as font size, font weight, font family) of web typography. Once you’re satisfied with your tweaking, it’ll generate the appropriate CSS code for you.

8. TypeNavigator

TypeNavigator - screen shot.

TypeNavigator is a simple and intuitive visual font search tool. It presents a series of images so that you can try and identify the name of the font you’re looking at. What’s great about visual search is that you don’t have to be familiar with the typography terms and the anatomy of type to be able to successfully find the font you want.

9. Hi-Res FontTester

Hi-Res FontTester - screen shot.

Hi-Res FontTester is a simple and straightforward tool for testing various fonts. You can create as many samples as you want, and then when you’re finished, you can export your tests in a PDF file for storing and sharing.

10. Font Burner

Font Burner - screen shot.

Font Burner lets you search for fonts that you can embed in your site. You can embed the font you’ve chosen on your web pages by copying-and-pasting the code they provide (which uses sIFR).

11. PXtoEM

PXtoEM - screen shot.

PXtoEM is simple web tool that gives you a matrix for pixel, em, percent, and point units based on your ’s font size. If you’re used to working with pixels but see the value in using em as your size unit, PXtoEM will lessen the need for you to reach for your calculator.

12. WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont - screen shot.

With WhatTheFont, you upload an image or screenshot of the font you’re trying to make out, and then it attempts to deduce the name of it.

13. Linotype Font Finder

Linotype Font Finder - screen shot.

Linotype Font Finder helps you identify a font through a series of questions like "What type of tail does the upper-case ‘Q’ have?" or "Does the upper-case ‘U’ have a stem?".

14. Identifont

Identifont - screen shot.

Identifont is a large online database of fonts that’s searchable. They also help you identify fonts by asking you a series of questions.


CSSTYPE - screen shot.

CSSTYPE is a free tool for experimenting with web-safe typography.

16. Fontifier

Fontifier - screen shot.

Fontifier is a tool for generating usable fonts based on your handwriting. This can be a great way to create a truly unique font for your designs.

17. Designer Plaything

Designer Plaything - screen shot.

Designer Plaything lets you experiment with different web typography and color combinations. It also allows you to check color accessibility. There’s a web-based version and a downloadable version which you can grab on this page.

18. Serif Font Identification Guide

Serif Font Identification Guide - screen shot.

Serif Font Identification Guide is a visual font identification tool that presents a series of images that you pick from to closely match the font you’re trying to recognize.

19. Font Picker

Font Picker - screen shot.

Font Picker is a simple web tool for browsing all the fonts available on your computer. It can be a useful tool for quickly previewing and selecting what font you want to use for a design.


CSSTXT - screen shot.

CSSTXT is an uncomplicated web tool for generating CSS style rules for web typography.


Microsoft Sustainability


Welcome! to the woooorld of tomorrow! By seattle based studio Oh, Hello for the Microsoft.
"in the not-too-distant utopian future, technology will be aided by the concerted efforts of many people rotoing, stabilizing, tracking, painting, animating, and comping at breakneck pace to make everything LOOK like it's working flawlessly in real-time. but we all know what's REALLY up... "

Réalisée par le studio "Oh, Hello", basé à Seattle, en collaboration avec Microsoft et le realisateur Mason Nicoll, le film "Microsoft Sustainability, a glimpse into the future of computing" présente la vision selon Microsoft de l'avenir technologique à l'horizon 2019, mêlant technologies sans fils, surfaces tactiles et papier électronique. Découvrez le film et la KeyNote du Président de Microsoft Business Division dans la suite !


The Burning Piano



Some info for my thesis (肆)



戴姆勒·克莱斯勒特别版CLK,其特别的地方就是内饰面料及外观的颜色都由意大利服装时尚品牌“乔治·阿玛尼(Giorgio Armani)”设计。该车随2004年米兰春夏时装展一起展出并同时上市,并计划限量生产。


特别版CLK的全称为Giorgio Armani Design Car,在内装方面,使用了名为Cuoio的马鞍皮革材料以及在运动服中采用的高科技材料。车体外钢板的颜色是一种名为Sabbia的服装颜色,并加入了 少许“阿玛尼”服饰经常使用的绿色,据说这种颜色的灵感来自盛夏的户外氛围。车体镶边采用铬金属。

该车从2003年5月开始研制,大约花费了4个月。由设计大师乔治·阿玛尼担任 设计总监,负责车体外板及内装选料,并由梅赛德斯提供有关车辆设计的技术指导。虽然过去在国际汽车厂商中也曾有过与运动服品牌及皮革厂商合作的先例,但此 次由被誉为时尚界巨匠的乔治·阿玛尼负责汽车设计尚属首次。

CLK特别版的宣传关键词为“功能”、“男士”及“时尚”,在性能方面,该车与 最新版的CLK并没多大差别。该车由意大利科莫(Como)戴姆勒·克莱斯勒公司的高级设计中心装配。在新车发布会上,“乔治·阿玛尼”品牌总设计师乔 治·阿玛尼和奔驰公司的副总裁阿希姆·施密特(Joachim Schmidt)博士一起合影。




在动力方面,该车系采用四缸、六缸到八缸引擎系列,输出马力从163至367匹不 等。在悬挂方面,为保证出色的驾驶性能,许多部件进行了大量改良和修正。另外,16英寸的合金轮圈以及前205/55 R 16,后225/50 R 16的车胎是此款敞篷车运动特性的体现。

Some info for my thesis (叁)


1. “跨领域”(Sector Cross-over)是当下时尚行业的另一个新趋势,世界上最优秀的设计师们纷纷把触角伸到原属行业以外的设计领域。




这位以揶揄大牌闻名的法国年轻设计师严格地说并不是“跨界”的代表,因为对他来说,领域根本就不存在!他的第一件作品是Prada“多扇区”的商标,之 后,又有了2001年灰姑娘的水晶鞋、富含“禅宗”意义的香水、SIGG水壶似的Heineken酒瓶等等。Adidas、GUCCI、VISA、 Peugeot等众多品牌都不幸落入其魔掌,然而结果却岀人意料地好。之后私自设计的LV包不但没有受到追究,反而被LV相中,批量生 产,Davidoff更是把他聘为御用设计师。最新的作品是法国最大的移动电话生产商Sagem的X8手机,机身侧面还标有自己的名字,大牌得没话说!



Zac Posen

这位时尚领域的宠儿,Natalie Portman多次表示最欣赏的年轻服装设计师也开始试图蹚这汪“跨领域”风潮的“浑水”。前不久他与Moet&Chandon集团合作,设计了 限量版的香槟瓶,并计划在年内发布。他之所以会踏进造酒业领域是出于对香槟的迷恋,“香槟对我十分重要。哪能有一场时装秀离得了它?”Zac Posen说道。

同时工业设计也逐渐成为引领生活的时尚潮流指标,涌现了Achim Pohl、Tomas Fiegl、Christophe Bucher、Gary Uhl、David Chipperfield、Robin Levien London、Renzo Piano、Marc Sadler Milan等跨领域生存的独立设计师。

2.“跨领域”(Sector Cross-over)是当下时尚行业的另一个新趋势,世界上最优秀的设计师们纷纷把触角伸到原属行业以外的设计领域:服装设计师Giorgio Armani与Benz合作设计汽车;他的同行Paul Smith似乎对家饰业的设计更感兴趣;建筑师John Pawson的饰品设计毫不逊色于他的建筑。此外,奢侈品牌Bulgari,Armani,Versace,Ferragamo更是从原先的服装设计领域扩张到了饭店或旅馆的设计与经营中。

马克·纽森(Marc Newson),这位来自于澳洲的鬼才设计师,将这股“跨领域”风潮发挥到极至。你可以从诸多大品牌的产品里发现他的名字:三洋手机、Nike概念鞋、福特概念车。他所倡导的“柔和极简主义”,将温暖与自然的元素引入他的设计中,减淡高科技工业所带来的冰冷感、坚硬感。


1963年生于悉尼的他在悉尼艺术大学学习珠宝与雕刻艺术。以敏锐、独特的设计角度,迅速成为国际设计界的新宠,迄今跨越多种不同的设计领域与可能,从室 内设计、家具桌椅设计、私人喷射机、手表、脚踏车、家饰用品等等。他所创作的“Felt”和“Embryo”椅子,被设计界誉为世界十大值得收藏的椅 子:Felt椅面的曲线恰好让一个人悠闲地靠坐在里面,突显了柔软线条,该椅采用了以玻璃纤维强化的聚酯纤维材料来制作;模仿子宫内的胎儿创作的 Embryo椅,该作品最大的特点是将雕刻般的造型和柔软的材质有机地结合了起来。这两把椅子可谓是确立了他“柔和极简主义”的设计风格。

因为找不到喜欢的手表,所以想要开始设计手表的纽森,在1994年便与瑞士企 业家Ike先生携手创造Ikepod腕表。之后在巴黎开设工作室,为不少知名品牌做设计,1994年和Oliver Ike在瑞士共同创立Ikepod钟表公司。1997年转移到伦敦并设立自己的Marc Newson公司,进行范围广泛的设计。接受来自欧洲、北美和亚洲等地顾客的定制,从钟表、椅子、自行车、玻璃器皿设计到餐馆、录音工作室、私人喷气式飞 机的内部装修等等都有涉及。Alessi、Flos、Cappellini、Magis、Biomega、Ikepod、福特汽车等各大品牌跟风般不惜重 金邀请他为自己的产品设计:和Karl Lagerfeld合作的香水瓶,和替Alessie、Magis.、B&B、American Standard等国际家具公司设计商品等工作。


2000年奥运会期间,澳大利亚政府要求纽森为澳洲最著名的“白色地标”———悉尼歌剧院做全新包装与设计。结果,他为纯白的歌剧院换上高科技的电子迷幻 彩色。巨型的白帆屋项上,闪耀炫目的色彩,反映了堡礁、人焰、流水及大地的影色,显示澳洲的特色。快达航空公司今年新订购的12架A380代表最新远程飞 行技术的客机。快达公司力求把它塑造成“超星级飞机”的代表。为此,该公司也请来了纽森协调机舱内部的的设计工作。

除了政府、航空公司外,世界最大的卫浴品牌———美标也重金请出纽森设计出个 人风格十足的套间产品———Moments系列。该套间以极简的设计营造出奢华的风格,大气的黑白灰色调配合极富现代感的几何造型。梳洗柜与台盆相得益 彰,从圆形的宽大把手中衍生出独特趣味和想像力。座厕秉承了后工业时期的设计风格,仿佛是对雕塑作品的怀旧。大尺寸的浴缸宽敞舒适、线条简洁、造型规整, 却让人联想到华丽的享乐主义。富有创意的旋钮式设计的龙头则在细节中流露出优雅。这一系列,成为了纽森对“柔和极简主义”的再一次成功演绎。

马克·纽森的名字已经成为新的时尚符号,各大设计类奖项纷纷为他的作品颁奖:芝加哥Athaeneum的优秀设计奖、“ELLE家具”的“设计大奖”;“Homes&Gardens with V&A Museum”的“经典设计大奖”;“设计与装饰大奖”的“最佳洁具设计”。这个“什么都敢设计”的鬼才设计师,成了“用线条造物的新神”。



Some info for my thesis (贰)





这股不可小觑的跨界潮流最初起源于时尚界,自然也在时尚圈里闹腾得格外来劲儿。时 尚圈中的
Crossover,基本上有品牌和品牌跨界、艺术家与品牌的跨界等几种表现方式。没办法,有的品牌需要年轻化,有的品牌需要高档化,大家都希望 趟出自己的地盘到外面遛遛,而它们共同采用的手段,就是Crossover。于是,大家一起来跨界,这个本来就光怪陆离的圈子更热闹了

设计师开始与饮料品牌频繁跨界,针织女王Sonia Rykiel的女儿Nathalie Rykiel与健怡可乐合作设计可乐瓶,庆祝健怡在法国推出二十周年。去年Roberto Cavalli为可口可乐意大利市场设计了三款豹纹可乐瓶。此前在法国市场,Kenzo Takada高田贤三在2005年也为可口可乐设计限量版可乐瓶。Nathalie Rykiel的设计会在巴黎的Colette等精品店销售,售价为亲民的1.25欧元。

饮料中,香槟与时尚结合的最早也最为紧密,就在刚过去的圣诞,Moet & Chandon与施华洛世奇水晶合作推出了一款香槟瓶。

Perrier巴黎水在07年与品牌Paul&Joe推出了三款限量版易拉罐设计,08年巴黎水又与Agnes B合作,法国设计师特别设计了两个联名合作图案,分别是以品牌蜥蜴标志为灵感的“b. wild”,简单将横间配上黑绿色设计。另外,一个设计是象征向Perrier送上玫瑰花的“give love!”图案。

不过与设计师合作最重量级的应该是Evian依云水,继07年与christian Lacroix合作后,又与Jean Paul Gaultier合作,分别设计ready-to-wear和haute couture两个系列瓶子。其中,RTW成衣系列瓶依云水售价3欧元,将在世界各地的超市中销售。而HC高级订制系列瓶子则一共只有五支,它们造型各 异,均采用水晶制成。这五款瓶子将分别在纽约、伦敦、莫斯科、东京和墨尔本展览,此后将进行拍卖,收入捐献给慈善组织。此前,christian Lacroix设计的高级订制瓶子拍卖价达到23000美元,被吉尼斯纪录为世界售价最高的瓶装水。